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Get ready! You’re about to meet a band of sociable, savvy, and relatable tech junkies and photographers in Greensboro, NC. Yeah, we’re geeks, but the cool kind! From razor-focused photography skills to super-sleek editing talent and just knowing how to capture the best look, we’re ready to jump on board as part of your trendy, next-level marketing team.
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  • Corporate Photography
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Our crew shows up with everything we need for your shoot day—even prepping for any surprises that might photobomb our plans. And we’ll get down to business pretty quickly once on site because we respect your time and your dollar.

The Castle Click Mission

Castle Click Photography focuses on image excellence for products, drinks, and real estate backed by exceedingly amazing customer service—all while leveraging cutting-edge techniques and emerging technology. We go above and beyond to showcase every home and product, adding value to our clients’ time and investment as a dedicated partner in their success.

Here’s what you can expect
  • No boring photography! (Yawn… who has time for that?)
  • Individual attention (It’s what you should expect, anyway.)
  • A photo strategy from start to finish (That’s why we’re the go-to pros.)
  • A fun time all around (Hands down, guaranteed!)
  • Photography that knocks your socks off! (If you wear socks, that is!)

We strive to keep our work both smart and unique with a little bit of magic worked in. Plus, the earlier we can start showing off your products or real estate properties the right way, the better.

No matter your challenge, you’ll get Photography Better Than You Pictured. That’s our straight-up promise to you!

Meet the Team

About John

Meet Owner/Founder John Cockerham

Dude, myth, or legendary super cool photographer. You pick!

See, I got you smiling right away. I’m sure you can already tell this isn’t your typical bio.

First, I’m definitely not that broody photographer behind the lens. Let’s get that picture out of the way right now. I’m a former sales guy turned photographer… some may say accomplished. I’m a little bit Type-A, but also known to crack a joke or two—though always in good taste… and I’ll definitely find a way to make you laugh.

But in all seriousness, consider me your friend and partner in success. My joy comes from capturing the beauty in every home and making your products and drinks look like someone’ll want to pay a million bucks for them. No joke!

My grandmother “Mimi,” who was a professional portrait photographer, introduced me to the art of picture taking as a young lad. So, she’d let me play and dabble in her studio—and I definitely have some great memories there. That’s why I named this business for her.

I loved the idea of being able to capture a moment in time and look back at it later. As a kid, I would even grab my dad’s VHS camera and really enjoyed being creative. Sadly, Mimi never did get to see this dream come to fruition.

Now, for the past six years, I’ve discovered an innate talent to tell a story with a photo and find the beauty in every space—whether it’s the unique architectural lines of a home or the way morning light filters through a window… the split-second splash of a lime falling into an iced beverage and the way a product is backlit to make the consumer believe it ought to be the most expensive item on the shelf!

And on a personal note…
I come from a family with an interesting historical connection to Greensboro. Just ask me about it! I treasure every day with my wonderfully beautiful and talented wife, Riley Elaine. I’m a dog dad to Moose, a red fox lab; Coven, a hound/lab mix; and Abbey, a Maltese/Yorkie. And I’m getting ready to be a human dad, too, with a son on the way in spring 2022. More on that to come!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this snapshot about me… and I look forward to meeting you very soon!

John’s Secret Passion: shooting urban/street photography. Look for his coolest works for sale soon!

About Nate


Nate Jones is a Greensboro, NC, native who’s lived in Boone, NC, for six years and graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2003. (No, he wasn’t on the six-year college plan.). He’s a lover of the mountains and outdoors, an avid hiker and backpacker, sometimes risk-taking snowboarder and skier, and a huge lover of local and global travel. All of these adventures Nate shares with his beautiful wife, Dr. Peyton Thompson. The bonus is that great exploration lends to some pretty amazing photographs!

After a successful career as a graphic designer, and most recently as a creative director for a beer distributor, Nate now gets to live his dream of turning his passions of both art and photography into his profession. And maybe one day, he can work in his love of beer and home brewing as well.

Nate’s Secret Talent: unique art that he sells too!

Castle Click Culture

  • We strive to meaningfully connect with each client in order to understand their business, goals, and vision.
  • We respect each client’s time and financial investment before, during, and after every photo shoot.
  • We’re obsessed with details, creative collaboration, and chasing artistic perfection and success.
  • We deliver outstanding value and continuous innovation.
  • We support our team members with ongoing training and mentorship.
  • We believe that a workday infused with humor and cultivated wit is one of the best ways to live!
  • We work as a team to continuously pursue all of these objectives.
  • And we back all of this up with outstanding, reliable service and a commitment to on-time, consistent communication for every client, every step of the way.

Castle Click Photography produces work for companies and people that we believe in. We are available for hire for a wide variety of jobs, projects, and gigs… especially for real estate, product, and drink photography… and maybe a few other miscellaneous adventures on the side. Try us!

Let’s get ready to tell your brand’s story!



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